Winter Packing, Budapest 2018

T-minus 49 hours until my flight to Budapest departs and I’m packed for my first ever cold, wintry trip.

Whenever I pack for any sort of trip I always end up looking at that one thing… the weather. So imagine my surprise when I get told that the first four days of my trip aren’t going to get above -4°c. I’ve never taken a trip where the weather is cold (well, apart from the odd camping trip here in the UK) so this is a whole new experience to me. I decided to not pay for baggage either so I’ve got to pack all the different layers of clothing I’m going to need into my small day backpack.

The one thing that has worked in my favour is that I’m brilliant at mixing and matching clothes and also re-wearing clothes so when I came to making my usual “packing list”, it was pretty short. Packing lists for me are one of the best travel tools you can have as you can write down all the items you need (clothes, electronic, toiletries etc.) and tick them off as you go and normally not missing out the important items you really need!

My clothes list came out that like this:

1x hoody
1x jeans
1x big puffy coat
7x pants
1x bra
6x tops
4x socks (three small, one big because of my walking boots to keep my toes toasty)
1x swimming costume
1x pair of gloves
1x PJ set

open-packing-cube.jpgOnce I finally got round to picking the clothes out of my wardrobe, I hunted down my new favourite travel accessory, my packing cube. Packing cubes are simply the best. For the majority of my life I’ve been a folder, never a roller but over the last few years I’ve become a roller (but I do still fold certain clothes) and realised how much more room I can save! Now add a packing cube into that. A small piece of fabric with a zip and all of a sudden all the rolling is now tidily stored in your bag and has literally no room to roll around and unravel, it’s just perfect. As you can see with my packing cube, it’s pretty full and in there I have all my tops, pants and socks; the only thing I can’t fit in is my PJ bottoms as I’ve gone for the big fluffy ones, oh and obviously my coat and jeans as I want them to fly in because I don’t think Ryanair want me to fly naked…

The other thing you find when travelling with other girls is that there’s always someone who starts the conversation of “who’s taking what”? Who’s taking the hair essentials, who’s taking the group deodorant and who’s bringing the can of dry shampoo. One of the biggest perks of hostels is that many these days (the ones I’ve stayed in recent years anyway) provide such essentials like a hairdryer and towel for a nominal fee and tend to be located near mini markets where you can easily pick up all your toiletries so you don’t have as many to carry through security but mainly that toothpaste and toothbrush you’ve left on the sink at home from using it that day.

My quick toiletries and hair list for this trip:

1x pack of bobbles
1x brush
1x mini shower gel
1x mini body spray
1x mini dry shampoo
1x toothbrush (including toothpaste and mouthwash)
1x deodorant
1x wet wipes

What I plan to buy/rent:

1x towel
1x hairdryer
1x shampoo
1x conditioner

Rough cost: £5 – £7

For me, the other thing I always have to take with me a spare bag; normally a bum bag or small shoulder bag. Lets face it, if you end up on a pub crawl you don’t want to be that kid with the big backpack on who ends up getting searched everywhere because you look like you’re trying to smuggle booze in. I always make sure I have a spare mini purse that fits in the bag as well, just for extra protection instead of all my money rolling around in my bag. day-backpack.jpg

After all this, it then came to the big task… would I actually get all this into my bag? Answer? YES!! I somehow managed to fit all this in my bag and I’ve still got room to pack all my electronics, my passport and bring home another Budapest Hard Rock glass!

Once I’m back from my trip next weekend, I’ll fill you in on how well my packing list worked (or didn’t) and how many toes survived with my double sock plan.

Till then, have a great week in the UK enduring some of the cold weather coming (winter’s back for one last bite).

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram over the next week to keep up to date with my trip and to also have a giggle at me looking like a marshmallow!

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