A Short One in London

It’s amazing what you can do in 28 hours. Over the last two days I’ve travelled over 200 miles, walked over 18 miles and eaten some of my favourite food.

As discussed in my previous post, I took this quick trip to London as a way of clearing my head and having a break from what has become one heck of a stress preparing to up sticks for 18 months and boy has it been a welcome trip. After a short 1hr 38min journey on the train for only £8 (Megabus, I LOVE YOU) I tootled over to my hostel, PubLove @ Exmouth Arms (I chose a hostel above a pub, clever move if you ask me!) just a 15 minute walk away from St Pancreas International. I checked in down at the bar before heading upstairs to what can only be described as the hottest room in London. It was basically a sauna. I did the usual introduce yourself to the people in the dorm (only two other guys) and unpacked my bag. Hostels really do have this way of introducing you to a bunch of people from different countries, backgrounds and lifestyles and it’s something I really am falling in love with because the stories and conversation never stop.

I then decided to head out and go for a wander. I ended up on Oxford St and well I just simply had to go and wander round the shops (but be proud of me, I didn’t buy a single thing)! Being in my own head and doing my own thing is something I really enjoy. Before I knew it, it was time for Zoe to be fed. I decided to head back to my hostel for one of the pub’s infamous burgers (and because of the 10% discount) but the pub was that busy I had to bail on that plan and I ended up in Bang Bang, a Vietnamese restaurant just a short walk from my hostel. I ordered a Pho Bo Kho and IT WAS AMAZING. Just look at it! After finishing every last drop, I headed back to the hostel for a quiet night in.


The next morning I was up pretty early so decided to check out slightly earlier than I’d planned and head out for a little bit of breakfast. After enjoying my large caramel latte and sausage cob, I caught the tube down to Waterloo Station to meet my mate Aaron for the day.

After walking half the distance of London (we did around a 15km walk), devouring a pretty decent Italian pizza, making a story about some weird birds we saw, questioning why the swans at Hyde Park are so big and pretending to be tourists by taking about two photos, we said goodbye (Aaron had to get back for work) and I headed over to Victoria Coach Station and waited for the NX440 back to Derby.

One thought on “A Short One in London

  1. Elspeth Baxter says:

    You are an amazing young woman . NEVER doudt your capacity to make a mark . You did with me and as a fellow sufferer of depression and anxiety I applaud you . The time we spent together was so special, you have a real feeling for people.. I feel truly lucky to have spent the time I did with you .. Amazing trip . Stand proud Zoe .. you are a very special human being…hugs xxxx

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