My First Time in Sydney

Location: New South Wales (NSW), Australia
Dates: 12th – 16th April 2018
Reason for visit: Blue Mountains and Harbour Bridge
Base: Base Hostel, Kent St.


The longest day of my life. I hopped on my Loka bus at 6.50am…I arrived in to Sydney at 5.40pm. Yep, a solid near 11 hours travelling from Byron to Sydney but sadly if you want to travel around Australia between the big cities this is the main way, long long buses and most of them are overnight!

Once I checked into Base, I claimed myself a single bed, not bunk, bed and headed straight off for a shower. It was then time to get unpacked and whilst I did so I got to know some of my dorm. We then heard about “drag bingo” at the bar next door to the hostel (Scary Canary) and decided to head down around 9pm (also happy hour) and check it out but sadly we had just missed it so instead had a couple of pints and headed back up to get some sleep.


I kicked my day off with my usual head out on a free walking tour and see the sights! This time my walking tour was with I’m Free Walking Tours Sydney (they also run walking tours in Melbourne and were who I originally planned to go with) with my tour being ran by Lachlan. Again, I was super impressed with my walking tour guide as he threw so much energy into the history of the city and gave such detailed information on areas we were visiting. Along the way I met Heather who I then went a grabbed a rib eye steak burger (for $9.50AUD) and we wandered around the Rocks a little more before heading off to continue our plans for the day.


I headed back to the hostel to grab a shower as I’d made plans with my mate Rob to meet up at Scary Canary for another one of their happy hours. Come 5pm there was Sarah and Alice from my dorm and myself all down at the bar with a few drinks spread across the table as we made the most of happy hour! Rob then joined us a little later on (and I obviously saved the day by getting in a few more drinks on happy hour before it ended) followed by Titsian from our dorm. Before you knew it I was dancing on a stool and it was only 9.30pm. I then headed up to Central Station with Rob to help him carry his stuff to catch the beautiful 12 hour overnight bus to Byron. I then quickly headed back to Scary’s and carried on dancing my little heart away whilst drinking more beer. I checked my watch and before I knew it, it was midnight and I was back in the dorm where I then spent the next two hours in hysterics with everyone. I wished I’d got a photo of us all together but happy hour won this time round.


IMG_8354Oh look, another hangover. Expect this time I was awake at 5.30am for my day trip to the Blue Mountains with Loka. After a gentle walk to my pick up point with a very important food stop at 7-Eleven, I hopped on the bus with our guide Alex and off we trotted. However we didn’t get far before the first stop due to a minor issue with the bus but fortunately after 15 minutes we were back on our way. Our first port of call was to Euroka spot where wild kangaroos hang around as there’s a regeneration park there. After a short stop here we headed into the town of Glenbrook for breakfast and so that Alex could collect our lunch!

We then headed over to Wentworth Falls where we did a 1.5 hour hike along some of the trails with some of us (including me) being crazy enough to climb down a small trail to part way down the falls. The walk back was pure torture so safe to say once we finished the walk 20 minutes after that I was seriously happy to get my sandwich.

We then headed to another look put point (as per my brain has completely forgotten what it was called) before then going to complete a short 40 minute cliff walk to the Three Sisters. By the time we had completed this it was 3pm and most of us were pretty knackered and ready to get back to Sydney! The only thing that kept everyone interested on the tour was our guide. Alex constantly fed us information about where we were and all the smaller details about the areas we were visiting including to an area of funnel spiders where most of us were freaking out a little! We arrived by in Sydney around 5.15pm so I headed back to my hostel to grab some “food” with Alice (mmmm noodles and soup) and to actually grab an early night!



IMG_3134.JPGFor my final day in Sydney and in Australia I had the delight of meeting back up with Jordan who I’d met at the GP in Melbourne. She took me to the most amazing pancake shop (Pancakes on the Rocks) where we devoured some pretty awesome breakfast pancakes. We then headed over to the Opera House so I could go and touch the building as I didn’t know that the building is actually *spoiler alert* tiled and smooth (check out the photo on my instagram page)! After that it was time for the main attraction of the day…finding a pub and watching the Chinese GP together! We met a British Mercedes fan in the bar along with a bunch of Aussies who we’re watching it because we’d had it put on and I reckon I probably had about five heart attacks and came close to probably getting us kicked out with how loud I was shouting and cheering…but I didn’t so it was all OK! After a fun few hours catching up and enjoying an amazing sport, Jordan and me said goodbye and I headed back to my hostel to shower and pack the last of bits up ready for heading to the airport for flight number seven of the year and this time to begin the next stage of my journey in Auckland.


So to finish, you’re probably wanting to know how was my time in Australia? Well, my 27 days in Australia were genuinely so fun filled and a smile never left my face. I had the odd day where I felt a little lonely or only did a small activity like going for a wander or going to the lagoon but even those days were still fun and I got to appreciate how lucky I am to have been able to take a month out of my life to enjoy seeing just a small part of an amazing country. The time absolutely flew by and I also feel like my confidence in solo travel are even further and currently this is best decision I’ve ever made in my life. In short, I’m super happy.


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