A Wintery Weekend in Queenstown

Location: South Island, New Zealand
Dates: 6th – 8th July 2018
Reason for visit: Winter views
Base: Jucy Snooze, Camp St.

This will probably (pretty much definitely) be just the first of many posts about New Zealand’s iconic South Island and in particular the majestic little town of Queenstown.

After nearly three months of living in Auckland and after having two very quiet weekends of saving money and getting cabin fever, I booked a last minute trip to Queenstown. With no plans, I hopped on my flight 10 days later and headed down to what can only be described as one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

The three day trip began with an early morning alarm (3.45am to be precise) to get ready, head over to Smales Farm and grab the new North Shore Skybus. Before I knew it, it was 8.30am and I was back on a runway for my 8th flight or 2018.

It’s only a 1hour 50min flight down to ZQN so you’re up and down before you know it. I had been told to try and get a window seat to enjoy the views coming into Queenstown however I had ended up with an aisle seat so I wasn’t able to get the best view but the views I did see were still amazing. The second you step off the plane and leaving the airport you are greeted with stunning views but also blissful silence so that made up for it!


Once I arrived into the town itself, I went for a walk around the Queenstown gardens and again, more stunning views found my eyes. It really is true what people say about Queenstown, every corner you turn there’s a new view just waiting for you. I managed to grab one of my favourite shots since leaving the UK – a plane taking off over one of the mountains. It’s not the best photo but it perfectly sums up what I’m wanting from life at the moment; to travel the world and see all the sights people talk about and find the ones that are hidden gems.

After around an hours walk around the gardens, I headed to The World Bar and had one of the nicest burgers; a buffalo chicken burger with the most divine buffalo sauce I’ve ever tried. I also accompanied this with a typical NZ drink… a glass of merlot.


By this time it was 2pm so I headed across to my hostel and got myself checked in and desperately charged my phone because of all the photo action that had been going on. Once my phone was charged I headed to the upstairs bar and pizzeria with a girl from my dorm for a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc (all wine in NZ is attractive) and to continue enjoying the views.

I then headed back out for the rest of the afternoon and grabbed myself some amazing gelato from Mrs Ferg – a scoop of hokey pokey and a scoop of chocolate coconut.


Once I got back to my hostel (after ordering a personal pizza for Hell’s because you can never go wrong with pizza) I tucked up in my hostel pod bed at Jucy Snooze and had a good nights sleep. The pods come equipped with a locker locked with a key pad and your own light, air con and mirror in the pod along with a blind to close the world out!

Saturday morning started off wet. Very wet. So I spent my morning in different cafes/bars drinking vast amounts of flat whites (NZ coffee is hands down the real deal!) and watching the world go by.

By lunch time the rain had started to clear and the sun started to venture out so I hopped on the Skyline Gondola and headed up the mountains and I honestly was not left disappointed. Travelling up through the forest in a little cable car pod to myself meant I could gasp out loud without being judged. The views alone coming up were breathtaking so you can imagine the thoughts running through my head once I reached the top.

After soaking up the views, I took the Tiki Trail back down the mountain through the forest whilst finding some more amazing lookout spots. I also nearly fell over and dislocated my shoulder but we won’t talk too much about that.

I then spent the rest of my afternoon with a glass of red in my hands, eating some fish and chips and just relaxing. I took myself along to the Cookie Bar and had a cookie dough shake and yes it was as good and dreamy as it sounds!


To bring in the evening I headed down to the wharf and managed to grab myself a pretty mega time lapse of the sunset (I will be sharing that later this week) before hitting a few bars and enjoying some drinks.

Sunday started with a trip to Fergburger and well, the hype is definitely worth it. I went for the Ferg Deluxe which was made up of: beef, bacon, cheese, pickle, lettuce, tomato, red onion and aioli. Absolutely divine at 10am!


The rain then rolled back into town so after a little shopping and a couple of coffees it was time to jump on the bus back to the airport.

I’m now sat finishing this post in the smallest airport I have ever travelled through waiting for my flight back to big, busy city of Auckland to go get food and prepare for work tomorrow. All in all, a pretty lovely weekend away.

One thought on “A Wintery Weekend in Queenstown

  1. ettravels15 says:

    Queenstown is gorgeous and lovely and reading this and seeing your pictures just reminds me I need to plan a trip back! If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend Arrowtown -and the french bakery- (about 20 minutes from Queenstown) and Wanaka (about an hour).


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