By the BridgeHey there, I’m Roaming Zoe!

Well, actually my name is Zoe Fitzgerald. I’m a 21 year old female traveller from the UK and I’m completely new to this whole travel blogging scene and my goal is to simply share my adventures with the world.

After finishing my degree and moving home back in 2017, I started my first full time job and saved pretty much every penny I could (including some winnings from my local pub quiz) so that this year I can begin travelling the world on a long term basis as a solo traveller.

My Travelling Background

IMG_0632In my 21 years, I’ve visited around 13 countries (if we include every Caribbean island it’d be closer to 20) and done so in a variety of ways; cruises, family holidays, work trips (thanks Dad!), mates holidays and solo trips.

During all these tripsΒ I’ve accidentally drifted out of a cove in Majorca with a friend I met and nearly ended up in a rip current (oops), I’ve accidentally been taken to a nudist beach as a kid, I’ve been given incorrect directions and ended up on a 4 lane road in San Fransisco in a three-wheeled car thing next to their big pick up trucks and lost both my bikini top and bottom on a water slide in front of everyone and then nearly lost them again on the next slide I went on.

Feel free to follow me on my journey whether that’s subscribing to my blog and following me on my twitter or instagram to see all my photos and read about all my stories, including all the highs and lows!

See you soon!

P.S. Please feel free to contact me about anything (whether it’s travel, F1 or something completely random!)




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